Everybody Knows a Wildcat!

Help us put Gov. Gary Johnson on the Kentucky ballot this year.   We need to submit 5,000 validated signatures to put Gov. Johnson and Judge Gray on the Kentucky ballot.  We need to submit 10,000 to fend off any challenges.  We need your help.

To begin the process, please visit this site and submit your contact information.  This will take you to the next page where the petition download is available. 

Here are a few critical things you need to know:

You MUST print this on 8.5 x 14 (legal) sized paper. This is not regular-sized paper. If you don't have Legal sized paper, go to a office supply place and they'll have it. Most will actually allow you to take the petition on a USB thumb drive and print copies there at a very reasonable cost.

It is best practice to print the petition double-sided; page one on the front, and page 2 on the back. That way there's no doubt as to the petition being signed for.

Before getting a signature, be sure to ask if the person who will sign is a registered Kentucky voter. If they don't live in KY, or aren't registered to vote, it's not going to do a lot of good for them to sign.

Why does it say Ed Clark instead of Gary Johnson? Because we started the drive before our nominee was known. We use a process known as substitution to put our presidential candidate on the ballot.

Here are the columns of the petition. Be sure to read this carefully so your effort isn't wasted.

Date - Today's date. Dates MUST include years. Dates like "5/2" and "March 3rd" aren't good enough. Dates must have a Month, Day and year.

Birth Date - The month, day and year you were born. The year is your birth year, NOT this year. Again, a year is required (we promise not to look).

Signature of Petitioner - Signatures should be legible. If necessary, hand-write the name above the signature in the same box.

While Kentucky case law has previously found that proxy signatures are permitted, it's not a good idea. (Proxy signatures are when you call someone and get their permission to sign for them.) Please, just go get the person's actual signature.

Residential Address - This is where the person is registered to vote. It must be a physical address. PO Boxes are not permitted.

City & Zip - There must be both a City and Zip Code in the Cuty & Zip box. A city without a zip, or vice versa, will invalidate the signature.